Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why do we Pray? - A Prayer - A Self-Study - A healer!

Why do we pray?  An innocent child once asked me.  I replied, we have to pray so that God keeps us safe and happy.   She countered asking ‘ Will God not know to keep us safe if we don’t pray?’  .  I blinked.  God created us and we are his children.  We are made the way he made us to be born, raise and lead each of our lives the way we were created.  Each one of us was created with certain limitations and blessings.  We count our blessings and regret for our limitations.  To over come such limitations, we pray to god to heal us, to refine us and to re-make us.  Our situations and circumstances are the results of our own actions and thoughts.  However, there are various external things that contribute to what we are pushed into.

Example, though we are driving in the right direction, in the correct speed, following all rules,  a drunken driver coming in the wrong way may push us to an accident that changes our life in a split second.   A minor earth quake may shake off the very house we built with care.  A holiday may destroy the whole life with a cloud burst similar to that happened in Uttarakand floods.  An evil terrorist may gun down a self-less soldier fighting for our Nation.  Anything may happen.  Life is so trivial.  Death is not the only suffering.  The very passage of life, the bridge between each one’s birth and eternal sleep is defined by our own destiny or fate.  Those who do not believe in destiny,  may think that what ever is to happen will happen.  This is also destiny.  Then why do we pray?

Prayer gives us a sense of hope.  We have God who would listen to us without questioning back our intentions or expectations.  We can crib, cry and beg God for anything that we want in life.  Though he gives us or not, the hope and faith, that we have asked and will get makes us go through positive vibrations.  These vibrations are so important that we keep ourselves with positive thinking.  The affirmation makes it important to concentrate on things that can make our lives better.  We cannot change our destiny.  But instead of brooding over a tragedy, or a making a misery out of a disappointment, we need to be internally strong and make the best of the opportunities out of our adversities.  Then alone life will find a meaning.  And for this Prayer helps.

Prayer heals.  The way we pray, we let all our emotions come in true form in front of the God’s altar.  We thank God for blessings.  We fight with God for putting us through test, we feel that we have him to hear to us and heal us within.  There is a promise felt in a prayer.   We hear answers when we question things with God.  We feel solutions around us for every problem.  We hear the responses within.  Our mind comes into equilibrium of thoughts when ever we get derailed from the path set before us.  Prayer is the key to this process.    Daily prayers make us strong because of the vibrations they create.  Prayers control our emotions, especially negative emotions like anger, hopelessness, revenge, frustration and falsehood.  Prayer makes us feel that God will take care of charge of things that are not in our control.  Prayer also gives us a strong hope that God will punish who are not righteous to us.  Prayer makes us think with common sense and calmness of mind.  It gives us a time in solitude to introspect our own selves peacefully.  Prayer is nothing but an assurance to one self that things will be alright and there is a supreme power guiding us.  Sometimes, the supreme power is very much within you. 

I leave it to God, when it is beyond me!
And the Miracle does happen!

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