Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why do we hate Death ?

DEATH -  The one word that often brings immense pain and trauma.   It creates the saddest of human emotions and disappointment.   All of us knew the fact that for every living being, there is an end.  The death is the final end point of our tunnel called life.   Death is hated in any form.  The natural, unnatural, timely, untimely, sudden, ill-health, killings, suicides, during birth, during war, during doing nothing and doing something. 

Death is not an unusual thing and it is the phenomenon we watch day in and day out.  Newspapers, TV channels,  messages and every mode of communication in every day life transmits this news of some death or the other to us.  However, when it happens to our loved ones, to those who know, those we adore, those we think passed away unfortunately,  those we think they deserved some more time in this Earth,  we feel the loss more.  We feel being itched by death like nothing else.  We feel that we are the only one's suffering and we fail to accept the reality.  The composer is lost, tears and sadness rules and the sense of hopelessness creeps in and going beyond our control to manage our own thoughts and feelings.  Why?  Because, we will not be seeing them again.  We will not feel the comfort of their existence around.  We will not feel the warmth and love they share and many a times, they just cannot be replaced.  

Words of philosophy on death is shared, we celebrate the good lives that they lived, we cherish the moments of happiness with care in our memories and pictures, every thing that they touched, created and experienced becomes all the more precious.  We feel at we were blessed to have them in our journey of life.  To be with us till their time came.  To be guiding us, to be protecting us or just living with us as a closed one.  Be it as a parent, sibling, child, relatives, friend, colleague, neighbor or an associate.  We cherish their existence in our lives at some point.  When the graph of points of existence is longer and close to the line of our life, their existence matters more to us.  It creates a deeper impact on how we continue after their line of life ceases to exist. 

Fluctuations of life is very much a normal process.  Ups and downs are the life line.  But, we hate death like it should not happen.  We hate it so much that we don't want to hear about it, we don't want it to happen to our own people and we don't want it to happen in any unnatural sudden way.  It is because of the deep attachment we have to the human form and body, than to the soul. The realization that we do not have the form to feel and see is the bitter truth that we don't want to recognize.   At times, the pain is so immense, that we want to go with the deceased.  It creates a sense of vacuum, a sense of loss and a sense of no purpose.   For all this, time is the only healer.  Exceptions to this is also there.  Few people will never come out of few deaths.  Their minds and thoughts get stopped with the person gone.  To them, they continue to live feeling the divine presence of the person they loved and continue with life.  The inner chambers of them knew that it is a depressive condition.  Most times, very normal for those who are emotionally very attached and are equally sensitive.  

Those who exhibit strong emotions in public may also be grieving in private.  Those who make a hue and cry and battle themselves to the core during death of a loved one, may actually get to move on faster in life than the other kind.   Grieving, crying and feeling the sense of loss is all ok and very much normal during death.  Hence, controlling this human emotions is not a necessity.  Same time, sooner the realization dawns on us about death and its reality, we will learn to move on.   It is easily said than done.  

In the moments of grief, the memories are the biggest solace,
In the moments of death, the footprints are strong to walk in,
In the moments of loss, the courage to smile is the biggest thing
In the moments of fear, the time is the only best healer
In the moments of anxiety,  the company of loved one's helps
In the moments of silence, the Prayer comes as a God's blessing
In the moments of loneliness, the thoughts are the gifted company
In the moments of delicate moments, remain calm and pray 
In the moments of departing loved one's, wish their souls Rest in Peace!

Having Lost my best friend's daddy last night to a sudden death, it made me go back to introspect deeper into death .  Recent losses of friends Srujana, Satish Velayudam, Prabhu San, and many of my friends aged parents disturbed me alot.  Equally the death of Major Mukund Varadarajan and many other soliders fighting for the safety of our borders is a cause of concern.   I have seen death in my hands at the age of 15, when my dad slipped into eternal sleep in my arms on a winter morning.   Ever since, I know the various impacts death can have on those people who are left behind .....and this is just a reminiscence of the same.

Rest in Peace Uncle Valluri Radha Krishna Mohan uncle.  Will miss you for ever.!

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