Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Waves Within....

Waves Within
 18th Nov 2014
Gobbled by the fires of nature
on all sides of your surreal self
the shadows disdaining what you are
the iconic waves of tragedy engulf
Fluttered by the furious waves
of the sea, of the winds of the sky
You close and hide within
closing eyes tightly in fear
and ears not to let you hear
There can be mottling thoughts
of grief, of shame, of loss
Stop!   Calls a sound strongly within
The wave of the integral thought
Flushes away every other linen
Makes you daze in disdaining rot
For a moment, the world however stops
For you, to recollect, rejuvenate
Refresh and Re-assume the work
that is left half finished
You arise again, against the winds
Much stronger, much brighter
with a clear vision and thought
You awaken the waves within
to make the path more sure and smooth
You hear the God inside you
Your consciousness, Your integrity
It helps you arise to a newer you
fighting ahead of waves within
The applause of your senses 
making you look ahead with brightness
The trembling nerves all set 
for handling the much fondled newness
Yes, what makes you
are the fights of the waves within
Yes, What Makes YOU
is winning over your own disdains!


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