Friday, December 19, 2014

Children of Peshawar! My heart bleeds for You!

What you sow, is what your reap
Tears rolling seeing the parents weep
Some one’s thoughts, some one’s deeds
Ended up in some one’ else greed
What did the innocent children do?
70 years ago, their grandparents were Indians too!
What did the terror outfits think?
Making their cheapest tricks on the weakest lot!
As Peshawar turned into the capital of terror
Children who survived will live in constant fear
Beautiful little angels of god, let to shiver
Where is the humanity, where is the science
What is the civilization, what is the universal feeling?
If Nations do not unite NOW to curb the terrorism
What is the use of reaching Moon or Mars?
If we cannot reach out the caves of arms and crimes!
What is the use of research and satellites?
When we fail to locate the grooming grounds of terror
What is the purpose of modern technology and innovation?
If we cannot protect our children from the sadists dreams
Schools are the temples of learning
And children are ambassadors of God
Be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian
What fall to the ground is the same blood of human race!
The fall of the years of growth as civilized society!
As we go back to the carnivorous way of life’s
Destroying each other mercilessly without a thought!
There is no good thing of going to pray or call in the name
Of which ever God or Truth waging a useless war!!!

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