Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ten Years After Tsunami 2004

The sea raged in angst force
pushing itself to the human shore
People who loved the sea
watched in tears and fled
Lives crumbled under the roofs
of the fishing hamlets around
children playing in the sands
of the beaches return dead
morning walkers trembled in fear
as the slush, fish and death
emerged along with the morning sun
into the roars of cries all around
cars floated like paper boats
boats broke into silent logs
the one big roar of the ocean
made by the tsunami gain waves
washed away the happiness and peace
unfortunate that memories don't wash away
the goddess of sea, their only living
made its signs of wrath and despair
human science cannot discover
when the fury of nature will take over
Ultimately it the nature which wins
against the man and his intellect
10 long years gone by
yet, the fears of the fate full Dec 26th
remains fresh and frozen in our minds
wish we don't see another such day
and waiting for the sun to shine again!

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