Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keeping the villians away!

Thunderstruck, just not alone
Had all the toxic people around’
Shouting at me and me at them
Felt like pushing them from the cliff;
Or me jumping off from the grief!

Reaching the place where I am
The journey was full of thorns’
Sleepless nights and physical strain;
Mental stress and emotional drain
Crossed did I, every damn dirty turn!
 Endured self, focusing on one single goal
To make my life’ just the way I want’
As I pened my eyes, I saw them coming
Wide open like demons in my life
Chasing me into the wilder tribes!

Looked like people who would stray
Ready to rupture and swallow me
Forcing me to ignore the angels in my life
Who made it colorful and picture perfect?
Useless words away from my blessed home!

Clinging on to the dirt of their lives
Like a garbage bag just refusing to leave
Get away, ugly people, from my life!!
Without you, I am at the highest peace
Every time I shine bright and high!

You come into my life, toxins of life
Just to ensure that I agitate within
Yet, honest to myself, I will fight
A brave and winning battle again
I can raise again, above you all!

To show that your stupid deeds
Will not affect me in and out
For few hours, I may not be myself
But the courage with which I was raised
I know for sure, I will raise again!!!

To shine, bright, above all the fight
I will not end this journey of life
But will end the relationships I had
With you, most useless people in life
That I ever destined to have unknown!!!

If curses are proved right and straight
I would not wish them on your children
For what I don’t take from you, is all yours
Your bad deeds and bad thoughts
That I strongly refuse to take anymore!!

Good bye, dirty toxic people in my life
I am good and great without you!
Thanks to angels in my life,
My mother, my siblings and my man
Above all, my apple in my eye
My friends who cheer me through
And my passions that I hold true!!



1 comment:

Sunitha Bijumon said...

Choose to ignore the unwanted...for its always not easy to uproot them.
I would say that's the best way of dealing them...

Loved this poem...