Friday, March 20, 2015

Togetherness - A way of celebrating life.

Togetherness.  One of the most beautiful feeling and most loving words in the world.  It means unity, relationship, happiness, bonding and being together.   Many things unite people in the world.  Togetherness is wide spread in families, teams and society.  We see it in religion, states and countries.  People unite for they have something in common.  Be it a blood relationship, friendship, classmates, colleagues at work, neighbors,   sports team, clubs or those united in some cause.

Grief unites people.  Sometimes a tragedy binds people more than any other thing.  It is only during the desperate times, that we look for the company of people who can understand our feelings.  Who can be with us, protecting our emotional balance, intellectual ability and physical well-being, comes as a rescue in times of grief or pain.     Only in those moments of desperation and vulnerability, we get a chance to recognize who are the real people in our life.  It is only during the moments of anxiety, we realize how sooner we get the company of the people who really care and share our joys and sorrows.

I went to Nashville for training in 2010.  The travel from LA was not tiresome.  But my excitement of being in the music city of the world, anxiety of visiting a new client and same time, wanting to visit Elvis Presley in Graceland were all making me restless.   Above all, I get a mail popped up telling me about a team mate passing away with kidney failure.  Mind was restless and body got tired by evening.  I took the cab back to the Marriott Hotel from office.   The new team was too good and client was very accommodated.

Mixed thoughts…  In a jerk, I got out of the car, slipped on the wet floor and went straight face down to the ground and hit the rocky surface breaking my jaws, teeth, specs and bruises all over.  It was a kind of a miracle that I survived for there was so much of bleeding.  New city, absolutely no known people than the new client office and all alone.  I was rushed to emergency, being there for 5 hours helplessly in pain and plastic surgeon working on my face, setting my jaw and leave the dentist back in LA to take care of my broken teeth, I felt lost.  Physical pain and emotional fear of being alone in such a state was quite a traumatic time to manage. 

The minute I mentioned about this accident to my husband, he was very concerned.  He wanted to fly back immediately to Nashville but I stopped him saying that my daughter will be alone in LA.   I went back to work slowly the next day afternoon with stitches all around my face.   That’s when I realized how blessed I am.  Team members from Argentina who also came for the training with me to Nashville and also the client were very supportive.   Strangers became friends to share my pain and comfort me by ordering soft liquid food and taking care of me during the 3 days of training and till I got back to the airport to take the flight to LA.   

The world is so considerate to human pain.  People stared at me in shock in the plane, at the same showed me consideration to help with my luggage and food.  When I reached LA airport and got out of Burbank, my man came running to me and gave me a big bear hug.  That’s when I cried first time since the accident.   He pampered me next 15 days taking care of me like a baby.  Making food, helping me with my work, keeping me at comfort in travel from Glendale to Woodlands and also my errands to both the dentist and surgeon who worked on my stitches on the faces and slowly removed one by one.   It took me several turns to the doctor before I complete full recovered.   Prayers and candles continued for my recovery in the Glendale Church of Brethren.  That’s when I realized, that world is still of people with humanity.  We are also blessed to be in the world where there is care and concern.  Love and affection.  

The optimism and belief in the world comes from the togetherness in times of joys and sorrows.  In that way, I am truly blessed to have my husband who dons various hats to make my life comfortable and happy.  He pampers me like a dad, show unconditional love as a husband, behaves and demands like a son,  hears to my unending stories like a friend,  always stays next to me like twin and joins in all my crazy things like a partner in crime; be it running, playing, singing, social work or just having a lazy drink and relaxing on a Saturday night.  He is just there.  In a beautiful togetherness for a lifetime.


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