Wednesday, April 29, 2015

29 April 2015 Dance- Evolution to Innovation

29 April 2015

Dance-   Evolution to Innovation

Dances that evolved to express joy
Folk and tribal dances on every occasion
Celebrating the arrival of seasons
Birth of a child, wedding and festivals
Even dances around the final good byes
Dances that are simple, steps and movement
Dance bursting with verve and vitality
Performances that make stories marvelous
Songs that go along with the dance moves
Accompanied by artists on the instruments
Various dances with specific costumes
Flamboyant and extensive dance jewelry
From just the evolution of joyful dancing
To innovating ways of telling stories
Of the improving mankind and tales
Skills and imaginations influences
The dancers and their dance performances
Started with the dancing statues of Mohenjadaro
And Devadasis in our Kind and queens courts
Bharatnatyam that started as dasi attam
And Kuchipudi as a Brahmin story telling
Half Aryan and Half Dravidian Kathakali
Katha meaning story telling with Kathak
Gandharvas and Goddess of Dawn by Manipuri
Temples and Religion depicted in Odissi
Indian fusion with broader acceptance
Respect for cultural diversity and collaboration
Exploring expressive potential and traditions
Contemporary styles with modern dance
Inspired and equally acquired with meaning
Express new forms, with social systems
Culture, needs, exclusivity and audience
Dance will continue growing in dimensions
Of beauty, form and truth in expressions
Dancers will continue to give more and more
To the sentiments of love and the art
Dancers both women and men will make
The art live on for years and years to come

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