Thursday, April 30, 2015

Prayer - in total surrender to myself

30 April 2015

Prayer in Total Surrender to Myself

God, give me the affinity to accept the things
that I cannot change
The courage to change the things
that I can
And the Wisdom to know the difference

God, give me the strength be at serenity
with the wisdom to control my irrational thoughts
Intellect to overcome the past
courage to control the negative emotion
Conquer the fears of failure and loss
God,  give me the pleasure to enjoy life
to cherish the positive things you blessed me with
accept people as they are
Empathize with those who cannot change
First most, give me the strength
to change within for all good

God, give me the affinity to be at peace
To understand
You inside me
To believe that you will guide me right
keeping me away from evil
both thoughts and deeds

God,  give me the wisdom to cherish
that there is remedy to every trouble
cure to every disease
hope to every fall
to raise again and shine
In your name and mine
In your path

God,  give me the calmness of mind
to think in the right way, rational way
logically understand the difference of well being
to think differently and think rightly
for my thoughts make what I am
God, Guide my thoughts

God, I used to surrender to you 
when ever it was beyond me
Now, I realize that I bow to you in devotion
not because I cannot handle it anymore
But, it is because I believe in total surrender
To you and to my wellbeing
Sincierely searching for you within

God, You had been my guiding light
My biggest hope and biggest path
Never Ending Strength
Strong will
and a powerful force
guiding me and guarding me 
Now and Always!

In total surrender to God,
Surrendering to the well-being of me!

Strongest word in the world
To heal
To hope
To health
To harmony
To healthy living
Towards Happy Life!

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