Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Positive Friend

Life is just too beautiful
Just with all good things;
& it is made really beautiful
With one positive friend in life!!!

My best friend ...
She is there when you need
No religion, no caste or creed!
She is there to share your joys,
No pain, no gain or no fears!!!

She is there making you smile
When things just don’t go right;
She holds you hand in silence
When you feel like breaking up!!!

She is just there, giving hugs
Playing with you in funny pugs;
She makes you bounce back
Every time you feel like giving up!!!
She is there making you take
The silent happy no need walks;
With no purpose, but just be there!
To make you feel complete in care!!!

She makes you food to relish,
Just together, over a lazy afternoon;
She calls you in mid of night!
For no particular reason of rhyme!!!

Just to ensure that you are all ok
Happy and at peace in your way;
She comes home when you are sick
Makes you smiles and become brisk!!!

Yes, she is just not another friend
But my best friend, positive friend!!!
She will be there till my end
Making me happy and applaud!!!

Yes, she is there for me today and ever
My best friend Sunitha…a soul sister..
a positive friend and Best for ever
Happy Birthday Girl!  Enjoy your Day!

Dedicated to my best friend Sunitha:-)   Celebrating her birthday today



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