Thursday, April 2, 2015

I want to be free, and I let it go!

I want to be free, and I let it go!

Date: 2 April 2015
For long many years, I know I carried
The heavy load of the rotten potatoes
Though they loaded on my back heavily
Smelled rotten and disgusting truly

Then came the Zen Realization lately
Not without paying a huge price clearly
The thoughts went into action deeply
Rising above the betrays of trust easily

Looking back at the times I freaked out
Screamed like a mad dog, kicked myself
Demanded why, why me to be betrayed
Failing to trusting people anymore

The falling bricks of agony and self-pity
Disgusting inflated ego of self-importance
That made me continue with extended grief
Forever into a state of unimaginable suffering

In the pretext of perpetually grieving
I ended up in carrying the unwanted baggage
The baggage of being unforgiving
Holding onto the silent grudges of the people

Who had been with me and betrayed on my back
What did I earn out of it, than losing more?
Keeping myself captured in yielding negativity
That’s when, it hit me straight in the head

Calling to make my mind and thoughts a clean slate
What is the use of trying to correct the corrupted minds?
Who am I to control what other people do?
But, same time, should I not take my life in my stride?

Striving to forgiving was the most difficult task
So time to deflate the sense of self-importance
Yes, I had to let go the sack of rotten potatoes
Whatever people say or do to me no longer matter

For I decided to be free, and I had to let it go!
Making my life effortless and free of negativity
It is a conscious decision and hard one to make
But once we achieve the same, it’s the most elegant

Making life go by the natural way of happiness
And to awake, arise again and shine
Letting the anger and frustration go away,
After all, I’ve not been free in so long

 I don’t want anything to have me
I wanted to be free, so I let it go!!
Forgiveness is a great choice to be liberated
To be happy, to be successful and to be free!

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Anjum Wasim Dar said...

very thoughtful narrative