Friday, April 3, 2015



Date:  3 April 2015

Courteously arising ahead from the pain
Be it physical, emotional or financial
Morally standing ahead of all and strong
For the fact of life that is correct and right
Courage is not just another good virtue
It’s the spirit of the soul and strength of the heart
Stand tall even when others put you to shame
Integrity stands ahead amidst any fake scandal
It is a discipline, it is a model, it is a practice
Be any times of uncertainty or intimidation
The engulfing amount of fears or danger
Only Courage will make you cross the winds
Of the storms, of the dust and of the times
Sustains yourself in face of difficulty
Makes you survive any damn adversity
It is the endurance of the inner soul
Knowledge of the grounds of will and hope
Courage is the habit of the mind in harmony
With wisdom, tolerance and fearlessness
Courage denotes the firmness of mind
The strength to face and if need may fight
Withstanding the times that are dire and strange
Bearing all the human traumas and trails
Courage is the only strength that lets you take
The steps that others are frightened to even make
Yes, Courage is not just a cardinal virtue
It is the spirit of your soul and of tougher You!

Soulfree Preeti Srinivasan

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