Saturday, April 4, 2015

Messengers of God

Date: 4 April 2015

Messengers of God in Cosmic Design of Life!

You may come to help me,
Or just enjoying hurting me
You may be in love with me
Or enjoy showing hate on me
You can come to let me down
Or just be there to lift me up
You may come to stay with me
Or just like a passing cloud to leave
Each one of you are Messengers of God
Giving me life’s greatest lessons
Letting me learn, evolve, grow & thrive!

Just like any of my lifetime’s encounters
Constantly making me worry about
You who don’t understand or love me
Craving for unnecessary attention
Instead, lately I decided upon myself
That I would look for those who believe
In me and in principle be there for me
Why give a thought to those who despise
Those who are self-centered and nosy
Ignoring those who provide unsolicited advice
Leave behind the relationships that sour
Get away from the difficult people to work with
Keeping those away who abuse and harass with no end
Those who bawl at you and love to humiliate, ignore
I decide to arise again every time I fall,
Hard-working self will win over my limitations

Let me do what makes me happy
And stay in an absolute inner peace
Decided not to be unhappy with whatever I do
No matter how difficult or daunting
Yes, I decided to move on for good
There are messengers who stay connected
Whom I want to stay in touch, but lost for ever
Spirit of a compassion of a mother
And guile of a Master of this universe
The larger cosmic design defines  my life
It’s my life’s glorifying path and road-map
On this journey, I will celebrate all the people
Who touch my life, no matter who they are!
What they impact me, but would remain grateful
For each encounter or connection is an experience
A wonderful teaching and divine lesson to hold!

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