Sunday, April 5, 2015

Silence is Golden

Date:   5 April 2015


One thing I struggle to keep in life- Silence
I know in all provocation, it is the best weapon
It is not the sign of weakness
But a strong sign of astute evolution
Mastery of life and scientific temperament
I should stop reacting to every provocation
Making more noise responding to impulses
Stupid action on unwanted situations
Seen and heard, making matters worse
Intentional speech, rhetoric with visibility
Ignoring palatable behavior, more in less demand
Than a silent resolve and resolute action

I know, not saying anything is best answer
For silence can never be misquoted.
Silent minds deliver the most than noisy souls
Put the heads down to work that shoot off the mounts
Time for me to transform from being ‘visible’,
Expressive and overtly charged in all situations
Need to be a ‘silent yet focused soldier’
Stopping my monologues and rue a conversation
Time to give up times of me alone speaking
Inspired by my man, who remains a silent spectator
Speaking few words that speak of his mind
Time to stop accusing silent souls of inaction
Taunting myself and accusing other ineptitude
Stop being victims of godforsaken silence

Understanding that silence is a golden beacon
A shining light, of living intelligently
That silence can withstand any of life’s storms
Handling things one at a time, wiping out evil
Silence is not a sign of giving in or giving up!
It is action in its purest, all pervasive form
Letting universe cloaked in silence
Making my internal energies manifests
Stop being in undue debates, mud-slinging
Face of allegations and accusation, amidst rabid
Verbose, flaky point of views dissipate word-fare
Yes, as Greek Xenocrates said, in his confession
I have often regretted my speech, than silence
Time to be silent, connect with deeper self
Creating the energy that lies within
Time to harness the inner solid energy
Actions that would pursue yielding result
Ensuring the outcomes that matter and want
Best way to win battles is not to fight at all
Best way to win argument is not speak at all
Time to regain, refine and act on what I believe in!

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