Monday, April 6, 2015

Security of life- Do we really have it?

Date:  6 April 2015

Security of life- Do we really have it?
A friend of mine asked me once,
What is my value, what is my worth?
I looked puzzled and asked him what?
He asked what the security in life I have is.
Bank Balance, Fixed deposits and house
Jewels, good job, cars and comforts
At that time, I had nothing.  But I was happy

Later, I slogged for years to make all that he said
But in the process, I lost the most precious asset
It’s my inner peace and utmost happiness
That’s when I felt that this security is fake
A fake guarantee that consoled that I am safe
Despite the honest truth that it is not
I am here, living in this very moment of life
This safety with security can transcend in a minute
You never know, what will happen the next moment

Security is just a breaching word of non-existent safety
Nothing guaranteed, nothing is forever in life
It is just a momentous sense of security
House to call my own, all for a social standing
Is security just measured on what I possess?
But happiness comes from contentment on whatever
I feel satisfied and whatever less that makes it
The struggle to possess more will end up possessing us
Seeking too much security is just invariably dangerous

 Were we born thinking how big we will make in life?
We have lived every moments of life without realizing it
As experts of life, dealing with the unknown, insecurities
So where is the fear of all the times, as we grow to face
Instead of believing in our effectiveness and efficiency
That we have dealt all these years of our happy lives
Sense of security is an unwanted worry to live with

Let us enjoy life and its roller-coaster ride the way it takes
Making life a happy journey to live life meaningfully
Chasing away incompleteness and emptiness
Filling the life with the pleasure of heart and happiness
Friends and family that will remain what may come
That’s the best security we can have- Believing in ourselves.
Choosing happiness and contentment over so-called security!


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