Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Detachment….the only way to go

April 7, 2015

Detachment….the only way to go

Bhagavad Gita proclaims with profound teaching
To do our duty and stay detached to outcomes
Going through the journey is our responsibility
Not worrying about the final destination to reach
Though this is tough to practice, it is not impossible
Of course it is difficult to internalize and implement
Trying to evaluate every opportunity to benefit
Is beginning of discomfort in otherwise calm life!

Detach from the past, its own prideful moments
And frustrating situations of pain and anguish
This will simplify life.  It is time to let go! LET GO!
Give away things that you no longer use or need
Forgive people who will not matter days from now
Same time, forgive self for the stupid decisions made
Those impractical sad choices made, irreverent!
Forgive thyself for those irresponsible actions
Realizing the impermanence of this unrealistic life

Life is beautiful as we stop loving things and use people
It is exemplar to love people and use things
This love for people is also impermanent
Things may change, situations may change
Life has to move on, even after people disappear
Stay calm and accept whatever comes on our way
Who can stop the course that Life just takes
We struggle immensely to control our lives
Not realizing how absurd and how more stupid it is
The circle of influence has to be let gone
Neither you can control yours nor of others

Expectations that life gives us all that we want
And fail to understand that this buries ourselves
In self-vested and ruinous entangled emotions
True intelligent living is learning to detach when needed
Just to be honest to self, and letting it go!
Detachment is not a difficult task or impossible
It is just right to be working towards our actions
And stop craving and worry about outcomes
Not overloading or burdened by our own emotions
Love and forgive people. Let them go when they must!
We may win few, lose some, but end will be blissful
Ever be detached for never to make life miserable!

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