Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Celebrate Helplessness :-) :-) :-)

Date: 8 April 2015

Celebrate Helplessness!

Helplessness is an honest feeling
When finding solutions is hard to find
Being euphoric will keep us at peace
When situation confront us on face

It is normal to grieve when we are helpless
Can be a near one’s death or disease
A struggle with addiction to overcome
Or being tired with everything around

Feeling powerless and absolute helpless
When decisions made go wrong and stale
Tired of trying to bring in some sense
Failed besides the advised cautions and care

Times befall on with wringing despair
Trying to pick up or wind up threads of life
Hope snatched away and knotted up
Thrown asunder and pushed us scared

 That’s the time to think strong
And imagine that this just doesn’t exist
Despite the best efforts, if we fail
Situations refuse to correct in trial

It is general to grieve endlessly
Years of battling and agonizing
Helpless is a stark reminder
That life is just not in our control

Yes, the game is played by Life all along
We merely allow ourselves to be played with!
This realization is an awakening moment
Intensely private moment of self-discovery


Call it enlightenment, a period of glory
Above all the education and upbringing
It is the honest belief that we are in control
Will make us celebrate the helplessness

When situations refuse to listen to us
We try, cry, lament and kick around
Fail, try again, kick again, scream and suffer
Agonize, give up and come again to try!

After umpteen attempts, if need may be!
Somewhere down the lane of constant hope
We shall regain the control of our life
As if the writing on the wall that shouts and say

Smile!  Relax!  Life’s in Charge!
Allowing our self to be played with life
Is not inaction or resignation
It is acceptance and humble submission


It is just saying that I can do
Of what we think we can just do
And go about doing what we must
Without ranting around and grieving

It is celebration of killing our ego
Helplessness is actually a great feeling
That makes us to stay on top and control
And let go the things that you just can’t control

Helplessness leads to understanding oneself
To break away the tangles of mind and be at peace
Who are we to go against the Nature’s will!
Than remain spectators of events of destiny

Though helplessness begins with sorrow and grief
Once we are aware and awake, replacing acceptance
Life take away transient grief and gives permanent peace
So why lament, kick, cry, scream and grieve?

Enjoy the cosmic process of lesson to surrender
There is great joy in this surrender than resist
Once accept, humbly submit, we will exult!
For we emerge with beautiful inner peace

We need to experience this to believe it
Just take the next situation that comes your way
Think differently than get agitated and helpless
Tell to self, to let it take you, in silence

Nothing wrong in taking a long silent drive
Making your own personal space
Cry or scream if you want all alone
But let the courage in you overall win

Enjoy the feeling of new peace embracing
Making you feel better and wanting it more
Push yourself to true prayerful state
For it makes you part of the mighty universe

Thus, accepting helplessness
Celebrating egoless-ness
In every moment of life
Makes life at peace and bliss!

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