Thursday, April 9, 2015

An ode to my future

9 April 2015

An ode to my future

Oh my dear future,
Here I come to you
Embracing with a smile
Asking you for peace

Stumbled did I many times
But that’s all in the bygones
I look upon to walk head high
With hope and honest thought

You will hold the pieces
Of goodness that I wish
With it my happy times
And my daughter’s dreams

You will see me calm
Gaining with you wisdom
To keep aging with grace
And behold my trust in self

Future, not just another day
You are my friend to share
All my remaining life
To shine and surrender

Will not bring into you
The garbage I leave behind
I will hold you in esteem
With confidence and truth

One day, I will hold them
My beautiful grandchildren
Will pamper them more
And prune them to be kind

I will stop being to myself wild
Take life slowly as it comes
Want to take things in soft tide
Will put down the smoking fumes

I will give up on few things
That I need not bring into you
The thoughts of vengeance
Rock solid memories of grief

I want to roll over the mat
Laugh with legs up like a child
As I grow old with pepper spray
My thoughts go like kid too

Am sure to wear the favorite skirts
And sit in the beach writing poems
Watching my grandchildren play
And building castles of their dreams

Both my husband and I will go fragile
Yet we will not let our spirits die
We will still rule our world in joy
May be with the walking sticks as toys

Would love to take our retired lives
Amidst the serene green farm house
That I would surely one day build
And have my own dogs and cats around

We will walk slowly but arms in around
Just like we do today too, but smaller steps
Will still pick a stone and throw
In the brooks that will run aside

Age coupled with the present stress
May make my body a reservoir of diseases
Yet, I know for sure, I will have him
Giving me medicines and care on time

I will still smile, keeping all pains away
Will ask for a movie date with popcorn
Love calling myself a sugar factory
Yet, would love to cheat-treat myself

A day will come, soon if not far
When I will put the board with pride
Of my daughter’s career that she makes
And will look for her to come back from work

Will jump in joy, the day she becomes a bride
Ensure that she has the best wedding
A good loving charming husband
And a sweet home to call her future home

Future, honestly, I will be not the same
Without her, my baby, with me around
But I will know for sure, that she is happy
Where ever she is in her life of her own

He and I will do what little things we can
Giving back to us is always a joy and fun
Not sure what I will leave behind in this world
But for sure, some goodness to be cherished

I will sleep in my eternal rest, with no fears
Will not end this life in any undue tears
I had enough of all of them in the frenzy past
I will go to the other world, in sheer happy note!

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