Friday, April 10, 2015

Destiny - Don't Resist! Embrace It!

Date:  10 April 2015

Destiny- Don’t Resist! Embrace it!
 Destiny is what it is
Just with smile embrace it
Who are we to resist life?
Let things happen to deal

Resistance always brings grief
Happenings ordained to will
God’s Master plan has no flaws
Situations do happen to prevail

Destiny for many reasons is difficult
Sometimes eventful and frightening
Not easy to let it happen and deal
Without us prepared for it to happen

Pause and take a deep breathe
Look back at the life’s upsets
Crises and tragedies that went by
Up until as they were managed

Recognize the futility in resistance
They just happened and we crossed
Despite all that worry and kicking around
Yes, we did cross the misery and suffering

Shed light on hidden agony and erase
Untold stories of pain and deep gravity
We had the strength and we shall have
To face our destiny calmly, purposefully!

Dealing with destiny is not doing nothing
But making it happen with best of ability
Without being agitated or desperate
Channelizing the sorrow and distaste

Focus, purpose and astute actions
Taken to change the odd situations
Accepting those things that don’t change
Conceptually letting the struggle disdain

On the surface though we smile
The innate human trait to cling to past
Makes us have one foot on the bygone
Hindering our progress and moving on

Destiny is to make you understand strong
That the past is dead and forever gone
The time that will never come back
And it is time to stop dwelling ourselves in it

Removing bad memories and past
Is a hard struggle than an easy advice?
The minutes we realize and let it go
It’s the opportunity to live freely

Yes, I don’t want to look back now
Want to focus on what I can do
Continue to seek peace with myself
Help myself and others in lives’ journeys

Staying stoic is a strong strength
Stay resolute is an empowered thought
There are loses that can never recover
Yet, the lesson is always there to inspire

The value in accepting and moving
With conviction and absolute calm
What is lost, for instance may be regained
But sometime, there can more things gruesome

Destiny also makes us count our blessings
You have to let go grief to enjoy happiness
If you want to be in peace, in bliss
Give up resisting life, give up grieving

Embrace life for what it is, the way it is
Loving ‘what is’ is intelligent living
Destiny is just a way of life, embrace it
It is a God’s calling, for us, in his way!

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