Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mind...the maker of my thoughts

Date:  11 April 2015

Mind.....the maker of my thoughts

Mind, the generator of all my thoughts
Making them the dice to play life fully
It is our body’s super computer to act
It’s all in the way it is effective or efficient
Whatever we want to out of our life
Managing our own and each of the feelings

Happiness, Joy, Worry, Guilt, Anger
Jealousy, Sorrow, Pain and Suffering
Every thought and feel is born in mind
Be it happy day or a scary future awaits
Every feeling induced either to salvation or bliss
Thoughts chatter incessant noises caused

Thousands thoughts that go in the mind
Happiness on integrity and transparency
Difficult thoughts on what has otherwise happened
Trips of thoughts go far and wide
Without visas, money or travel hassles
Complains, regrets, excitements all in parcel

Making our own mind strong and powerful
Mind powers the strengths of this universe
Thoughts are not resisted, but let to persist
Tame thoughts making them meaningful
A strong purpose and a true visit
Need to be played with passion and diligence

Keeping aesthetic quality to our thinking
Bringing in the beauty, and a sense of purpose
With meaning to everything that we do!
Thoughts scattered as mustard seeds all over
With worries, fear, anxiety and often angry
Need to stop suffering at the hint of pain

In thoughts, we can see the beauty and magic
To cherish the miracles of life
In every day beauty and its occurrences
Pointing our mind in the right direction
Towards true self and life’s real vision
Nothing will distract us, not even the pain

It’s time to keep our thoughts, mustard seeds
Gathered and mind monkeys tamed
To live to the magic of each glorious moment
All moments, both fine and awakened
Will have to make the best in our life
Making them memorable or manic
Is all in the way how we mind our thoughts!!!

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