Sunday, April 12, 2015

Take Charge of Your Life!

Date:  12 April 2015

Take Charge of Your Life

Create your own reality
Responsible for every action
Recognize your reality
Stop escaping suffering
Through ownership
Through taking responsibility

Be accountable to self
Awaken to inner-self
Be free from being controlled
Avoid being enslaved
Even by own actions
And negative thinking

Breathe in when you
Feel tired and exhausted
Stop loathed in changes
Unreasonable expectation
Stop hating people easily
Focus on silence sometimes

Allowing yourself to sink
In some quite nice moments
Cry inconsolably when wanted
Do not blame fate
Do not blame your life
Arguments end no where

Allow to explode and express
Be responsible for realities
Don’t force yourself on anything
Be it in the job or the very life
Do not force to put up with something

Don’t let other treat the way
That you don’t enjoy being treated
 Dare to dream, dream in reality
Stop sulking and blame game
Take charge and take towards fame

Get on with your own life
Don’t worry about others,
They will manage their roles
Just take care of yourself
Everything else will fall in place

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