Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Cup of Coffee!

Date:  15 April 2015

My cup of Coffee


Dug deep into the files on my computer
Amidst the never ending conference calls
Wanted a minute break to refresh myself
And I found my waiting loving coffee cup
The Coffee!   My ever refreshing drink
Makes my morning with newspapers
A good beginning of every single day
Coffee stimulates my brain to act fast
It gives me the adrenalin to push myself
To any activity of the day with a smile
My love for coffee started since I was a child
Filter Coffee!  Chennai’s very special one
I loved drinking in the bowl that comes with coffee
The love, doesn’t end there, it just goes around
Where ever I traveled, I wished to taste flavors
Glad I could drink so much of coffee in life
Flavors of chocolate, vanilla, Cappuccino
Espresso, Latte, Mocha, Dapple or just black
Across the globe, around the coffee makers
I would always come back to my home made
Filter Coffee…that I cherish every morning
A stimulator, a taste enhancer, honest love
For a good morning with the news paper
Is a strong hot fuming fresh filter coffee


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