Thursday, April 16, 2015

Self- Motivation

Date:  16 April 2015

Self Motivation

Motivation is like an inner urge
It’s the mind’s sharpest job
When you feel destroyed
Sulking and completely worthless
Unlock the reservoir of happiness
Re-energize your real self

When you are sad, down and out
That is when you have to count
All the happy moments you had
The precious things you have held
When things around horrify you
Pushing you to saddest moments

Brooding will not make things better
We cannot get rid of sadness and suffering
Cannot erase disappointments and agony
Get rid of the debilitates making us sad
Connect to your inner joy, being happy
Situations that you utmost dislike

Ask yourself how to get rid of this feeling
Sense of acceptance than surrender?
Accept that is done and going to be over
Challenges can be any type
Be it financial, work or health
Begin the accepting the prognosis

What is gone is forever gone
And grieving over it is not fun
Do not deny your mistakes or actions
Accept actions and Life the way it is
Flower of happiness will bloom
Inside you making you relax than gloom

Chase away self-pity, feeling of low
The moment we do this to our self
It is time to be peaceful and calm
Flood gates open with new positive energy
Happiness that seem elusive is all around
Get this self-motivation to make it again
Willing to give life one more real chance!

Motivating self in tougher times
Makes you the stronger person you are!
Inspiring for something to happen to you
It must first happen from within you!!!
Keep telling yourself that ‘all is well’
Repeat ‘I’m doing wonderfully well’
Till will naturally bring in a big smile
Along with it all positive changes in mile

Failure is just an event, not a person
Certainly not the person you wish to be
Bounce back every time you fail
To make yourself happy with yourself!
When things don’t go as per the plan A
Always remember that there can be plan B
It will not affect you anymore as you see

Being happy is the ability to celebrate
What we have despite the circumstances
Stopping agonizing over what we don’t have
The choice is to be happy, naturally be more alive
More motivated to live a fuller meaningful Life!
The antidote to failure, to unmet expectations
Is to motivate ourselves to believe
To try again and keep doing this
As long as we must, till we get results
The results and outcomes that we want!

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