Friday, April 17, 2015

ROFL ! Really Rolling on Floor Laughing - Tribute to Charlie Chaplin on his 126th Birthday -16 April

Date:    16 April 2015

ROFL  - Laugh rolling or running !  Just laugh everyday!

16 April -  Happy Birthday Dear Charlie Chaplin

Lying in the bed, with the legs up onto the side wall
Imagine the heavy weighing dame take up a fall
Ha Ha Ha…there goes the giggles all around
Of the children watching this heavy weight fall
Stop did I?  Oh No!  Why would I?

Took the new shoes on a fresh early morning
And ran behind the stars painting the city green
Ran behind me cameras with people laugh
For seeing a rolling ball running around! Ha Ha Ha!

Like a little vibrant teen, I wanted to go on swing
But did not dare with the brook below the twigs
As I sat on the swing and had my own share of fun
I could hear the screeching sounds of breaking swing!
Jumped did I, in a haste, rolling again in the sand beneath
Looked at myself, and could not stop to laugh

As I was full of sand, like the child who played in the beach
Got up without noticing whose watching me around
Went to the ice-cream vendor standing nearby for a scoop
Sugar-starved self-gulped it all in haste making faces
With the cream embracing all sides of mouth and face

My husband started to laugh and showed me the pocket mirror
                                                     I just then noticed how crazy did I look
Tired yet naughty, full of sand on the legs and body
Ice cream melting in my hands and making impact on my face
I was still giggling like a stupid or innocent child
Sometimes, it’s just ok to be what you want to be
Roll over, giggle and make the child in you shine and glee!

Uma as Alamelu Maami in Tenali Raghavan Stage Play

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