Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrating life of a friend- Whom God Loved More!

Date:  18 April 2014

Celebrating Life of a Friend -Whom God Loved More!

Dr Magati Srujana
Not much about what we do
How well we do it is what really matters
These words echo from her website
even today as we remember her
as she went out of site
Popular as a dental surgeon
remembering as a wonderful dancer
Experienced with latest techniques
and smart in her know-how in her field
She wanted her patients to have zero risk
Fate only knows why she was at risk
Smile center, that's how her clinic was called
she managed many specialties under one roof
Her pride in her achievements
is today a solace to all of us
A dancer, a lecturer, a doctor, a surgeon
A great daughter and mother and wonderful friend
Dear Srujana,
It is not right to grieve that you are gone
But to remember you in all right ways
to celebrate the life you shared with us
Remember all good things that you cherished with us
Your family rejoiced with thanking tribute
and it is how we want to celebrate You
'Life is Beautiful' 
Yes in your memories with us too!

April 18th is a remembrance day of our dear friend Srujana...time flies and its already 2 years that she left us all to find solace in her wonderful memories

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