Sunday, April 19, 2015

Illusions on Destination!!!

Date:  19 April 2015


In Life's journey, every result
 or an outcome of an action

Is just another event in Life
But not the Destination

 Destination is only an end result
of Life's passionate ending

The final eternal rest that we welcome
Till such time, every destination

Is just another milestone
In life, as we take those turns

Be it for good or in store for surprises
It makes us continue the journey

Success that does not take onto your held
The failure that does not take away courage

Makes your journey possible
with its own twists and turns

On the bridges and inside the tunnels
There can be sheer darkness around

May be light at the end of the tunnel
But what makes it important
is to continue the journey of life
no matter what, long that you are destined

God's master plans for each one of us
Is already laid and marked imprint

You just have to follow the way it takes
towards the rides of life

Some may be smooth, some harsh
Some deep in the ocean

Some high in the sky
Some wides around the earth

some as small as pebbles
What ever it may be, just move on

The destination is not yet come
Towards what next, you have to look upon

Keep away the fears of the future
the dirt of the unforgiven past

Just focus on the present ride
so that you dont miss the trail 

God is the only guide in this life
The map is there and we just need to follow
till we get to that amazing destination
called Eternal Rest!

Till such time...destination is just not in sight!
In fact, no one can actually see their end!

So why worry about the final thing
that you will not even hear or know!

Who grieves over your loss
or who applauds your achievements
who carries your legacy
or who disintegrates your memory

All is just an illusion during the journey
In the end, nothing matters! Truly Not even YOU!

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