Monday, April 20, 2015

Be What you are!

20 April 2015

Be what you are!


Do not wish to be anything
Other than what you are
It is easy to be some one
To please people around
But to be yourself all time
Is not a some easy chore
It needs a strong will
And power of self to retain
You may be put through grill
But dreams around to attain

People may hate you
For what you are not
But the pleasure if all yours
To be just be self at part
People who care don’t matter
And will let you be who you are!
People who just don’t care
You just let them be, never mind!
We have just one life to live
And need to go the way we feel

Do what you love to do
And love what you take to do
It is a constant fight to remain same
A battle to let you what you are!
Things and circumstances change
People and actions have alterations
Yet, when you are strong within
Nothing can change inside you
Your dreams and pains all yours
Just draft your own destiny Fine!

Smile! :-)

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