Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I heard you my child

21 April 2015

I heard you my child!

Gave her all the pleasures
That I can hardly dream
Gave her all the passions
To chase as she endeared
Equally had fights hard and strong
Same time had hugs and kisses too
Yet, she was not happy
End of the day, she cried for peace
She said that I am not expected
On how I would be each passing day
My work stress and social obligations
Made me reflect the way I was at home
She hated that, the baggage I carry home
She screamed that I destroyed
Destroyed her happiness and peace
I brought her books and clothes
But she yelled that I don’t let her read
I don’t let her wear what she wants
She is tired in life I want her to live
I was shocked.  I wanted her peace
I wanted to give her the very best
Her dreams slowly became mine
I never knew that she thought otherwise
Is this is regular parent child conflict
So called Generation gap or skirmish
Tears rolled and heart went heavy
Hearing her scream that she is not happy
I just felt one thing inside me- Broken!

Honestly, this time, I heard you!
I will refrain from using words that hurt
And things that show that I dominate
I will let you live your destiny
All its happy things and sad moments
To let you learn to make life beautiful
I always felt it’s my duty to protect you
Shield you from the world’s nasty things
But you felt that I am keeping you in cage
I gave you the freedom to do what you want
And you thought that I hardly do for you care
I slogged for our family, deep and hard
But you thought that I am burdened with sacrifice
Where is the question of this detriment?
When I was enjoying doing things for you
Where did I lose you in the process of life?
Trying to give you what all you want
Today, you hate me like no other
And it shatters me to the core within
I only tell you again, Yes, I heard you!
May be its time for letting you fly on your own
And keeping me from you far away!

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