Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Greetings on World Earth Day - 22 April 2015

22 April 2015

World Earth Day

In the largeness of universe
Our Earth is unique place of life
Celebrating our environment
Commemorating the biodiversity

Implausible awareness to people
On how to protect our Planet
Earth Day is any other day
Just special to make it more known

The need of the hour to save
Our beloved Mother Earth
Invoke thoughts of Ecology
Reverence for existence on Earth

Highlighting growing concerns
On Pollution of soil, air and water
Events and awareness to make
Centered on environmental issues

India joins the celebration
With Green Generation Campaign
Earth day calls for global action
More of social and civic participation

Making a carbon-free future
With renewable energy to use
Time to end the use of fossil fuels
Making every day Earth Day!

Making our Planet a happy one
For our future generations to share
Celebrate being in Earth every day!
Greetings to all, on this world Earth Day!

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