Thursday, April 23, 2015

Simply Move On! To Tune into Life!

Date:   23 April 2015

Simply Move On!  To Tune into Life!

Life is on the tracks that just go
Simply, we just need to move on
Whatever happens to us around!
Be it love, shock, loss or happiness
Just breathe in the reality in bliss
There can be ups and down in lifeline
 In sometime, rhythm comes back to life
This may be in a day, a week, a month
Or may even take a year or a decade
Falling back into the track is only choice
For that’s the only way to go forward 
 Times when we feel incomplete or low
As we keep searching for things lost
Being the hostage to our thoughts in mind
Yet, time as the best healer is always kind
As we live the moment, there is no mind
But as we cling on to memories of the past
Or in the anxiety of future paving for worries
Things that are happened and gone
And things that really have not happened
Mind and life can never be in sync
Pushed to deal with situations unpleasant
 As things of past and future don’t tango at all!
Acceptance is the only forever reality
It’s not capable to cause you any suffering
Mind!  Fully capable to cause the agony
Distress, fear, grief and unending suffering
Incessant reminding wallows us in grief
Yes, Life could have been all beautiful
But that is only real in all our dreams
Reality may look fearful and future looks
Blurred with clouds ready to storm
Yet, be sure, that rainbows come after rain
 Calmness prevails after every storm
Stop letting our mind working up on grief
Drumming up in fears and ready for tears
It’s time to appreciate the present life
And more ideal to actually move on!
To live life fully, stop mind leading you
  Simply flow with Life, moving on
From one moment to another
When not controlled by mind
And present in the earnest moment
We are in tune with our life
There shines the magically stars
And beauty of the flowing moments
Letting us experience bliss, sheer bliss!
No matter what, life simply goes on!
To tune into life, simply move on!


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