Thursday, May 14, 2015

A trip to 'The Flower Fields' of Carlsbad, California

For a family of back packers and travel lovers, every destination of beauty and nature is a trip to rejoice.   It is during the summer of 2011, that we decided to go on to visit the flower fields...yes the real flower fields of Carlsbad.....It was an awesome experience getting on to the tractor in the flower fields with smells of scents and fragrant air,  wagon rides, orchid greenhouse,  artistic gardens,  the confusing but fun filled sweet pea maze,,,where I  and Ajay got lost and had to call for help to get out...the beautiful display of poinsettias and wise farming and the wind mills giving the feel of a dutch colony.   It is one of most colorful trips we had and loved being there..  to know more about the place, visit their website

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