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Post Trek Write up to Parvathamalai, Tamil Nadu

Parvathamalai is located near Thenmadimangalam Village, 20 kms from Polur. It is part of Javadhi Hills and accessible through Kadaladi village 25 kms north of Tiruvannamalai or through Thenmadimangalam. Parvatham means mountain and Parvatha Malai as it is called, connotes “Hill of Hills” or “Queen of Hills”. Parvathamalai presents eight different shapes from eight directions around the hill. 
At the summit of the Hill is the Mouna Guruswamy Ashram and more importantly a very powerful Temple at which resides the Siva aspect in the form of Lord Mallikarjuna (i.e. White Jasmine) and the Sakthi aspect in the form of Parvatha Rani or Parvathammal. Parvathammal is also called Lordess Brahmarambika (and Maragathambika). Inside the sanctum sanctorum there are also idols dedicated to Sri Ganesha and Lord Murugan. 

Pictures to speak of the beauty of the place ...prepare for an amazing trekking and divine experience and to cherish every moment of the effort....for it is worth doing it as part of the self-realization

Parvathamalai- One of the trek which blended with nature n religious beliefs...Parvatham means hill and 'Parvatha Malai' as it is called is the Hill of Hills or Queen of Hills at the top of which resides the presiding deity Parvatha Rani or Parvathammal. She is the Sakthi aspect and the 'Siva' aspect is Lord Malligarjun. 'Parvathammal is also called Lordess Brahmarambika' (also called Maragathambika). It is not known when exactly the temple was constructed at the top of the hill ( about 4,000 ft. high and a difficult terrain with 'almost' vertical rocky cliff called 'Kadapparai Malai'. But pre-historic record (Malai Padu Kadaam) shows that a king called 'Maa Mannan' who was ruling that area, during the year 300 A.D used to visit this temple frequently and worship the lord and lordess. It is said that even 2000 years ago the great yogis (Siddhas) constructed this temple at the top of the hill for doing  meditation. 

 There are three places from where the 'peak' of Parvatha Malai can be accessed. One is from a place called 'Then madhi mangalam' the second from Mambakkam and the third from Kadaladi. Normally the first and the last routes are chosen as the second one is very steep and difficult to climb. Out of the first and the last, the first route is comparatively easy to climb as half of the trekking distance (12 km) is mostly plains and the rest is also not very steep. Most of the visitors / devotees take the first route to climb and while trekking down, prefer the Kadaladi route more so since the setting up of the 'Ashram' at Kadaladi region. i choosed Then madhi mangalam route while climb the peak and while coming down i choosed kadaladi route. Thiruvannamalai GIRIVALAM path is 14 kms and i took 2.5 hours to cover this distance.

On top of the Parvathamalai....with the view of Arunachala at the backend....temples of Lord Shiva and Goddess Brahmarambika

Climbing up the Kadaparai Mountain -with support of crowbars

View of the Arunachala hill

Trek of the Parvathamalai

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