Saturday, August 22, 2015

Debug the Desperation!

It has been quite an exciting journey of life so far.  How ever, many a time what actually makes us pause and brood over a failure is nothing but our own Desperation!   Desperation is an anxiety that takes away the required motivation and positive approach to life.   It makes us concentrate on the negative aspects of an event and forcefully increase the worst case scenarios.   

Life is a rhythm of up's and down's.   Had it not been the way, life would have been overflown with mundane thoughts and value less events.   There is no point in leading such a life.   Life has to be with the challenges that it needs.  Again this should not lead to being desperate towards the aspects of successes or invited failures.  We have to leave this to the automatic passage of time.

When we debug the desperation and develop a strong sense of determination, we will be able to handle both the regular flow of events in life.   Including its own ups and downs without much chaos or difficulty.   Only when we stop the strong arising desperation, we will be able to think normally and act accordingly to any given situation.   Strong determination is possible only when one is able to control the desperate moments and thoughts

Enjoy life.  Debug Desperation and develop determination.  This will give you peace


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