Saturday, August 22, 2015

What is my role in existence?

As a child I used to think that I was born to make it big in life.  Debates like 'What if I am the Prime Minister of India?'  made our thinking and dreaming big.   

As the time passed and years unfolded, the definition of why me? in this world remained a big debatable question.   'Why me?'  may sound small in normal routine, and may sound too big during times of over joy or deep sorrow.   

If each one of us, try to answer this question to one self, they will find a definite purpose of their existence.  As Osho says, life is a mystery to be lived.  Each one will find the answer as we keep moving ahead in life.  But the journey cannot be always mystical and unplanned.  If you do a bit of self introspection, you will realize the reason why you are on this Earth.  You can be a small seed to outgrow into a large tree!

Surrender to the way life takes you.  Same time, control the path of movement in life.  If you can  do this magical balance of monitoring the way life moves on with the total surrender to the events that matter to your heart and soul, you will find the purpose of life

For some, selfless actions may lead to Salvation.  To some, reigning power for growth and uplifting of one self can be a successful purpose.  To some, to be at inner peace and calmness and leading a life with solid internal yoga can be the very purpose of existence

Understanding the thoughts, ideas, images, people, emotions, actions in an integrated way would lead to form a network of existence.   This network will in turn show what is your purpose in life.  How you balance, act and react to certain things and times in life define who you are!

God has given each one of a strong power of choice.  We are free to choose from anything that this universe has got to offer.  However, we are not free to escape from the consequences of our choices.  What we have inherited or what we are going to leave behind is not the truth...what is within us to survive, received and give is what matters the most.

One's introspection can make them peace makers and diplomats.  The very role of existence is to understand oneself and others.  Creating appreciation and warmth can make one's life enjoyable. 
The energy in life to be utilized focusing on making the most out of it.  Showing way to others, being responsible to design the life of ourselves and others and leading the right path of life

Here the right or wrong of life is what your soul makes you feel comfortable or not.   Never do anything that your heart and soul disagrees and you will find your purpose of life by following your heart,  thinking out of your brain and deep thoughts and what makes your soul calm, peaceful and happy.

The purpose always need not be to become a 'Prime Minister'  but even the very existence in the traits of good life can make your purpose of life achieved with pride.

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