Thursday, September 10, 2015

World Suicide Prevention Day - 10 September- Why this awareness is important?

Suicide is the second major cause for the death of younger age group globally.   Unfortunately India is in the top 5 countries fighting this problem.   So what is that, that is causing the wide spread of this menace and taking us into a state of grimness, loss and effects of suicide of near and dear one’s that changes life for no good?  

Life is a journey of both success and failure.  When we have the heart to rejoice success, we do not have the courage to face failures.   There are times alarming that cause heart breaks and spur of the moment withdrawals for life that makes a person take this decision to end one’s life.  

At this times of fast paced lives, when everyone has no time for anyone, including themselves, the human emotions are hardly given a thought.   For those who ignore the slightest of the symptoms end up in losing a dear one and then regret for not having noticed the changes.  

The symptoms of a possible suicide of a family member or a friend, an associate or a colleague can be identified knowing what symptoms can lead to one’s suicide.

·         Unable to sleep or sleeping for long hours than usual and at unusual times
·         Often getting irritated and shouting on others for no reason
·         Keeping a dull face and crying in silence for nothing.
·         Keeping themselves alone and not mingling with family and friends
·         Lacking of personal care or care for their own possessions and belongings
·         Give up things easily and careless responses to responsibilities
·         Not dedicated to work or studies any longer
·         In cases of love failure or death of a dear one, unable to express grief
·         Talking about suicide or unnatural death
·         Taking into new habits of drugs or alcohol and going over board
·         Browsing about suicide on internet
·         Reading articles on suicide in newspapers and talking about the courage of the dead
·         Failure in an examination or a job performance
·         Constant fear of death or losing relationships
·         Continuous health related issues and talk about ending the pain

There can be any reason for the hard times that a person has to endure with.  Timely help from family and friends can let the person not really give up on the world.   

Pro-active action to address the causes of depression is the key to prevent suicide.   The person has to be closely observed and given help to get back to normal life.  All negative talk and things have to be kept away and we have to show that they are cared for and that the life is worth living.  The feelings of care and concern have to be injected in the depression person to make them feel good about life.   It is also necessary to make them feel required for the family and friends. 

 The ray of hope will give them the required courage to fight back the odds of life and not to end the life.   The path to recovery can be sometime fast or sometimes longer than expected.

Making the person understand that suicide is not the solution and it is a cowardly act will make them think before taking the big step.   Making them understand the impacts that suicide will have on their family and dependents will also give them a thought process that is necessary.

How to help a family member or friend who talks about suicide or have attempted the same before?

·         Positive talk on good things in life
·         Showing love and care
·         Asking questions that can identify their mental strength
·         Making them comfortable talking openly about their feelings.
·         Tell them stories of positive people who overcame difficulties
·         Always be there for extending your helping hand
·         Give them the comfort to express their anger and frustration
·         Talk openly on failures or rejections
·         Freedom to write and express their hurt, betrayals, dejection and bad moods

The above is just a sample list.  There can be many ways to fight the thoughts of suicide and avoid one such tragedy in the family or amongst your friends.  Just a little care and affection will do miracles.  A little time outside our tiny crazy phones and systems would do the difference.

Unfortunately in India, apart from the visible signs of depression, there are several other socioeconomic conditions that push people to commit suicide.   The growing number of farmer’s suicide is a sheer startling evidence to this fact.  Unless as a society and government, we have reforms that would eradicate abject poverty, social pressure and economical down swing we will be mourning the deaths of those who feed us.  

Show compassion, save lives….

Love is the only medicine that can heal any pain ……

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