Friday, November 20, 2015

Tribute to Pastor Rev. Dr. John Jackson

A Tribute

Man with all big smiles
Took his work extra miles
Always there to embrace
Each one around him with grace
Childlike joyful happiness
Waved like wind in rejoice
Faith and Worship with him
Made us feel closer to God
Bible reading classes for children
Breakfast with smiles for all
Spiritual movies and discussion
Youth fellowship and service
He made so much difference
To the community he served
Could see a sparkle in his eye
When his beloved wife is around
His voice roared in pride
The very mention of his daughters
His mischief got new heights
When he was with his grand kids
Every child in the church
Was embraced and blessed as his own
Every youth was inspired
To keep pushing beyond horizons
Every person was cared
Equally loved and blessed
That was Pastor John for us!
Miss you dear friend!
May you rest in peace!

Pastor Dr. John Julian Jackson passed away suddenly on 8 Nov 2015 just before the Sunday worship.  His funeral service was held on 18 Nov 2015 at Glendale Church of Brethren and later on he was laid to rest at Glendale Forest Lawn.   

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