Monday, December 28, 2015

Looking back at 2015, that is slowly giving way to 2016

One thing at a time, worth of every dime-  Liz Keller.   

Liz is our client and often in her pursuit to perfection and getting work done, had enriched us with her anecdotes which she shared with us through several weekly conversations. Some sentences are life lessons that I take them to heart and thought.

Multi-tasking has become the norm of the day.  However, unless we are focused on that one thing that we are doing, it will not achieve results.   The attention to detail and ambition to complete with a competitive advantage is what makes the difference and a niche for survival.    This is a beautiful lesson from her.   Thank you Liz.

This year had been a roller-coaster ride for sure.  

Unexpected twists and turns,  beautiful events like cousin's wedding, family unions, welcoming a niece, lovely travels to Wayanad and Kantaloor,  successful projects at work,  handing over of a successful year at Inner Wheel to incoming President,  starting of our NGO Punaraja and UCS business ventures, great friends coming my way and overall a very happy year.    

Despite this list being long,  we also had few major blows this year.  Losing of 2 people who touched us strongly,  Dr Kalam and Pastor Dr John Jackson left a deep sadness and strong reverence to them.

This was also an year of debugging the depression and desperation.   Which inturn paved way for development of determination and stronger will.     It also gave a deep sense of satisfaction when I got a chance to take hold of my childhood dream of being an advocate.  

Drive your destiny and ask for what you want.  Unless you ask yourself for it, and work towards it, nothing comes to you.   You have to ask yourself, what you need.  Then take steps to make it happen.   

A dream that is 25 years old finally started to materialize.   Circumstances did not provoke me to take the decision.  But a strong inner urge and further more deep rooted will power to do this fighting my own middle age crisis makes it possible.    Yes,  in the next 3 years, I will graduate as a Lawyer.  My childhood dream.      The passion will find a meaning if I am able to support atleast few destitute women to fight for justice for free.   That will happen.    It is my confidence and energy, belief and faith in God who creates my destiny and I just drive it :-)

Social service, community participation, Chennai floods and aftermath, the pressure of having a 12th grader at home, fantasies and fears of her future career, professional certifications,  friends and family-  almost everything made this year a wonderful package of gift from God.   We kept unwrapping it slowly and steadily taking one thing at a time.  Thanks to Liz for that wonderful lesson.   

Disappointment galore did not spare us from not only losing few more people, like my neighbor uncle to cancer, my friend's husband to a tragic bike accident, another friend ending up in divorce,  few unbearable instances of hospitalizations and few people whom we deliberately had to keep a distance from our family, not because they did something, but because we wanted to be at peace!

However, taking the lessons of this year for a better life, leaving behind disappointments that taught us to be more stronger,  and the beauty of good things that make us take a step forward positively, I sign off this year with both happiness and prayer.  

Wishing you all, my friends and family,  my colleagues and associates a wonderful year ahead......I remain.



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