Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 1 Every Day Inspirations : Enjoy the Effort you put in !

It is the time to celebrate.  Welcoming another New Year in our lives.  The turn of page towards 2016 ushering with blessings and and devotion,  plans and resolutions,  friends and family.  

Each one of us dream to make it big in what ever we do.  In the process,  we get to work hard, put in our best efforts, take up the toughest journey of our lives.   We achieve.  We get tired.  We get exhausted.   Instead, if we could enjoy the efforts we put in, we would still achieve, without getting tired or exhausted.

When we go for an entertainment and watch a movie for 3 hours, we just enjoy the time and effort put into it, as long as the movie is worth watching :-)   Similarly when we take up a task with whole heart and enjoy doing it, we do not get to feel the effort we put it.  This is the basic feature of several people who are successful in the world today.

Day 1 -  of 'Every Day Inspirations'  bring you the botton line of today...

" Enjoy the Effort You Put In!"

-  Love you all and wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2016

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