Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 2- Every Day Inspirations - Prayer as a way of self-control

From the times immemorial,  with and without written guidance, in  a beautiful way of multi generational transition, one thing that our ancestors carefully made us inherit is the tradition to pray to Almighty.    

The belief in existence of a supreme power that guides this world towards peace and harmony, towards oneness and acceptance, towards tolerance and wisdom is a sheer happiness.  

For this happiness, gives us a sense of having some one to walk along with us in various paths of our lives.  Be it in happy moments or sad days, there is someone stronger and closer to us to look upon.   

Prayer is a medium to reach that someone.   It can be any form of God we worship, ultimately it is the essence of self-consciousness and in depth self-control.  

Few minutes of Silent prayer every single day makes you have a strong self-control and defuse your tensions and anxious moments.  It gives you a strong sense of reliance on Supreme Power that will ease things and let you walk further.   

Botton Line of today...Prayer is a way of self-control.   Practice it and enjoy the immense peace that comes with it.

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