Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 3- Every Day Inspirations: Integrity is an inborn quality

Integrity simply called as Honesty, Sincerity, truthfulness is something that cannot be built in a person.  It has to be inborn.   

Moral stories in school, historical lessons from parents and grandparents, management lessons in college and profession keeps emphasizing on the dire need of integrity.  

It is not dependent on how rich or how poor one is.  It is not even dependent on the need or want of something.  It is a strong virtue that can only be sharpened over the years of building it within each one of us.

Yesterday, my daughter while commuting from school to her tutorial class forgot her mobile phone in the taxi.  She later on came home and was under the impression that she left it at her friend's place.   After couple of hours, my husband received a call saying that the caller is having her phone.   That's when she got panicked. 
The caller was so kind to introduce himself as the taxi driver, and gave his address from where we can pick her phone.  As he had to go on the night duty, he respectfully asked us if we can do so.   

We were truly grateful for the sense of integrity he showed.  There is a large amount of data like contact numbers, pictures, messages that could have been misused.   Or he could have simply wiped away everything and used the touch phone which was an expensive one.   But instead he not only took the care to call us and inform but also ensured that we collected it at the earliest.  

If you think that people who are poor, or who are in need of something will compromise on integrity, this is a true eye opener for all such thoughts.   It is not a lesson that need to be taught in management classes.  It is a virtue we have to imbibe in our children and generations to come.   This would make our world a better place to live.

Thank you OLA driver Saravanan for showing us this virtue today -  Integrity is for sure your inborn quality!  God bless.

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