Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 4- Every Day Inspirations : Wait a second longer

Hanging on one second longer than your competitor makes you the winner.    But how?

Here is the story of a farmer who inherited a piece of land from his father.  His father left him a note saying that he for sure knew that his land has a treasure of gold beneath.   The farmer believing in the words started to dig the land once his father passed away, and almost dug close to 300 feet.  But to his dismay, he found nothing but a heap of earth lying all around the field.   He was doubtful of the treasure and gave up.  He decided to sell his field and leave the village.  

The buyer got the field along with heap of earth for a far lower price.   Before he decided to refill the land, he for a minute, thought on what could be the reason for the farmer to dig the land so deep.  He came to know of the father's words to the farmer.  Somehow his instinct told him to give it a try.  Just few more feet and see.  Alas!  the first signs of gold appeared after 50 feet.   Fortune changed his fate.

Bottonline of the story-   Wait a second longer than what you could hold on to and that will make the difference.   If you trust something, trust it completely.   

Have a blessed day:-)

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