Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 5- Every Day Inspirations - Patriotism is the life blood of a Nation

Edesamegina Endukalidina, 
Epeethamekina, Evaraderiyana!
Pogadara Nee Thali Bhoomi Bharathini
Neelupura Nee Jathi Nindu Gowravamu

The above words of Rayapolu Subba Rao filled our childhood with pride of patriotism and a sense of belonging to our Nation.  

Where ever we go, what ever we achieve, Sing the praises of your motherland India,  Preserve her respect and dignity what may come.

As each one of us were busy celebrating the arrival of another Brand New Year,  our brothers at the National Border in Pathankot Air base were putting their lives in pursuit of National Protection.  

What mattered to them at those moments of intense pressure, is a pride in laying down their lives, leaving behind young wives and aged parents, and innocent children and friends.   To them, National Security and combating terrorism fighting hard core gun men, was not just in their line of duty.  It was in their blood to safeguard our Nation.

Facing death with smile to ensure we live in peace is a brutal truth of our Nation that is time and again facing terror attacks.   Each one of us should feel the pain, the sense of loss, the fact to raise above the soldiers sacrifice and bring in sense of patriotism in each of our citizens.  

It is time we invest in better life jackets, best ammunition to combat terrorism, provide stronger protection to our forces, than investing in the name of Cricket and Football.    Unless we equip our brothers with the basic necessities, we are actually putting them to peril of death at the times of need to safeguard our Nation

How many more we will let go,  when the hell we will realize their value,   what is that we need to do to protect those who protect us,  where and all we need to raise our voices to bring in a strong Border Security and End Terror Attacks.

Citizens of India,  Arise, Awake and Act with a strong sense of Patriotism.    It is not just a emotion or a strong feeling.  It is the life blood of our Nation

Salute to our Bravehearts at Pathankot!



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