Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 6- Every Day Inspirations. Dream Big, Just Too Big!

We have always been asked to keep dreaming or aspiring to be someone as we grow up.   As children, all of us would have faced questions like, what we want to become as when we are adults.   Some answered as teachers, policemen, pilot, scientist or someone wanted to be a Prime Minister.   

Whatever may be the innocent answers we have all shared as young innocent toddlers and confused teens, there is a light that is visible at the end of the tunnel slowly and steadily.  We put in all our efforts on those dreams that continue with us during the bumpy rides all along the ups and downs of the tunnel.  

Someone us get lost in between, some of us faintly hang on to those dreams, and some work steadily and consistently towards the dream to come true.   

In this process, the idea of dreaming big, bigger than what we can even achieve, what we can dream, extending the horizons to a larger extent then what we can hold, may on some day turn true.   Probably we may even achieve things larger than what we dream.  

The purpose and the dream will happen.  The size of achievement can be small or big.  But the making of the dream is what makes the beginning.   So today, let us decide to DREAM BIG.    

 So big that we will put all the efforts, thought and struggle to make it happen.  We will enjoy the struggle as we make the dream come true.   So it is important that we dream and we dream JUST TOO BIG!

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