Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 7- Every Day Inspirations - Show Up, Do Your Job, Keep Your Nose Clean!

Three things matter the most in what ever you do.   It is very simply said, but have a strong indepth meaning.  It applies to all our responsibilities, both Professional and Personal.

Show Up
Do your Job
Keep your Nose clean!

Each one of us can interpret this in the way we want and make the best use of the mantra for success.

Show Up on TIME....this is very important to be on time you committed,  respecting the time of others as well as yours.  It is the most precious resource in the world.  Once gone, it never comes back...There is no refill to the time gone by!

Do Your Job.....Just do it for YOUR satisfaction.  Results will come automatically.  Please none but your own self with the set goals and benchmarks.   In due course, everyone around you, including your management, team, family & friends will start appreciating for the results that are happening.  Do not tell how hard you work.  Tell how much you get done.

Keep Your Nose Clean -  This is one of the best mantra for happiness.   Unnecessary interference,  poking your nose into other people's business,  curious gossips,  back biting and enjoying others stories is as good as putting your fingers into other person's running nose.  I guess this explains.

Enjoy the year ahead with strong professionalism with ample space for your personal life and further more little space for yourself.   

End of the day....the results flow vice-versa.    Have a Blessed Day!


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