Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 8 - Every Day Inspirations. Live Life today like it is your last day!

Are you ready to go tomorrow?   Yes, to go from this world.  You heard me right.   There will be hundreds of people who will miss you.   But for what reasons?   It matters.

We in India, always are apprehensive to keep our lives planned and organized and take it as a taboo to talk about death and preparation for it.  It is not really getting prepared to die tomorrow.  But what if it happens?   What all will be impacted?  And To what extent?

Is your family secured financially?   Did you tell your friends how much you love them?    Does your spouse know where important documents are?    Does your colleagues know how to complete your unfinished tasks?    Did you document everything?  Or should your family and friends, run from pillar to post to pick up your left overs?

When we generally say, that live life today like it is your last day, it also means that you enjoy life to the fullest.  Take the best out of it. Do everything that matters to you and your happiness.   Love your self and your life.    Eat your favorite icecreams.   Take long bike rides in the mid of night.  Sit on the terrace and sing songs.   Go for that disco that you left years ago.   Make your life 'Just happening'.
At the same time, there is other side to this coin too.   Keep all important things bit organized.   Document a living WILL, to avoid confusions on inheritance,  clear your debts as and when possible and keep it minimal.   Share details of key documents,  contacts, wish list and insurance papers with your spouse.  Always ensure you fill up the nominations on your bank accounts,  office emergency contact information,  clarity on your transactions and business, details of provident fund and other investments,  placeholder of keys for your locker,  important documents and a file on your wish list after you are gone.   Trust me, it helps.  

It helps your family to a greater extent.  In the times of grief and profound loss, do not add to the pain of missing information and struggle on financials and other things to them.  They deserve a space to grieve in peace.  

Yes, 8 Jan is always a special day, where I will remember this lesson of life.   It was the last day, my dad lived king size in 1992.   He was a happy, contended, healthy and loving person who never expected his life to end soon and sudden.   He was just not prepared for it.  It took us years to rebuild lives after the edifice our lives crumbled on a winter morning.  The lessons are strong and deep rooted and felt the need to be shared!


Anonymous said...

I remember the day Uma ! Terribly shocking :(

Rupa Palem said...

Uma akka, I remember that day very much...I did not want to see another but here I am back again with my little ones not
Knowing where to start