Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 9 - Every Day Inspirations - Meet people often!

It is irony that we meet people only during times of sorrow or celebration.   

Invitations and greetings happen during joyful events and celebrations multiply with friends and relatives.   During the times of crisis or sorrow,  extended families jump into action and everyone joins together to take upon the task of completing the formalities, rituals and grieving process.

How nice, it would be if we could catch up with our cousins and friends over a cup of coffee or a high tea,  or for a potluck lunch or a moon light dinner on the terrace for no reason.   

Just to catch up whats happening in each other's lifes'.   Just like in those good old days where we did not have facebook to connect, whatsapp to update and instagram to share pictures...

But games where all of us, our children happily played games on the streets, where our kitchens were big for all of us experiment traditional food and enjoy a evening with no cries of the idiot boxes in our living rooms......May be we need to go back to life...than living in a non-existent virtual reality which is making us so fake!

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