Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 17 - Every Day Inspirations - Four Essential Things in Life

Life makes itself beautiful when you concentrate on  FOUR ESSENTIALS :

1.  Food
2.  Sleep
3.  Happiness
4.  Attitude

These four are inter-related.   

Who knows to listen to their body, and go light on the stomach, focus on the food we consume, not worrying about calories but on what we really need, nutrients that keep our energies in charge... is the one who know to control the body- which is the store house of our life.   The day the body stops to function, we cease to exist in this world.  So listening to our body and its warnings and signs and our food habits make what we are outwardly ..towards healthy body with a healthy mind.

Sleep  -  I envy those who can sleep immediately once they get to bed.   I also envy those who sleep just the time that the body wants... Average of 6-8 hours of continuous, undisturbed and nightmare free sleep.   Sleep gives you the energy you need, absorbs the food intake and balances your metabolism.  Sleep also gives you revived thinking and calmness of mind and soul.  Your thoughts, dreams, strength and energy depends on how well you sleep...So sleep on time.  Sleep in right posture,  sleep for needed hours and sleep well!

Happiness.   This is the difficult essential to maintain always in our chaotic world.  But those who could smile and say all is well, doing all times, no matter how much life threatens you, are the one's who know to live happily.  Happiness is the stage of several things, peace, prayer, contentment, social life, concentration and also focus on the things that you need.  Only the happy mind can make happy things.  Even if you have everything in life, and still not happy, it is as bad as not having anything.   Happiness is key to success.

Attitude.  This is the base of how a person is valued in the society.  Those who do not possess the right attitude may still survive, may still succeed, may still be happy, healthy and sleep well.  But they definitely are the people who will pay the price one day.  People would like to keep away from people with wrong attitude.  It is like bacteria.  It hurts.  It reoccurs to haunt.  It is in built and not realized many a time by the person who possess a bad attitude.  The one with the good attitude wins over everybody and will be the STAR in their own right! just a mantra for life...Attitude, Happiness, Food and Sleep.   Have them in right quantity with utmost quality for the best of life to live.  After all..we have just one life to live fully.

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