Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 18- Every Day Inspirations - The Story of the Cup and the Needle - Don't Waste Food

Tiruvalluvar, the renowned Tamil Saint, who has written the immortal work called 'Tirukural' used to keep by his side a needle and small cup filled with water when he sat for meals.  

When a host asked him on why he insisted having these two place by the side of the plate.  He said, 'Food should not be wasted.  Every grain is precious.  Sometimes, stray grains of cooked rice or stray pieces of cooked vegetables fall off the place or away from it, while I eat.  I lift them off the floor, with help of this needle and stir them in water to clean them, and eat them. 

What an amazing lesson this is, for those who waste more than they consume. 

You can buy food, have resources to go for a large meal or buffet but have no right to waste the food on the plate...for the resources are not just yours! 

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