Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 19 - Every Day Inspirations - Implant an invisible Filter in Mind!

One thing that is offered in this world free of cost,  free of asking,  free of everything is 'ADVICE'.    In short, it means, advertising their own thoughts thinking as wise.   How sweet of me to realize this... ofcourse late.  But wise me!

This advertising wise....starts from the time we start doing anything in life.   Admission of a child to school,  each one you know gives their own view of what a good school is, how good ratings it have, how proud you should be to get admission there and what not.   Poor me over-powered by these 'advices' is now more confused.  

If you planning to get wedding,  the rain of advices start with a storm.  How you should behave, how traditional the family should be, how to choose a spouse, what to expect...blah blah blah...Hey common,  Am I getting married or you?   Let me think!

The same continues as you getting in college, getting into career,  moving to a new neighbourhood,  writing a book,  starting a business and what not.   People stop poking their noses into your business.   

It is upto you, whether you take them or ignore.   Doing what you think is right for you only helps.   

The biggest of rainfall of advices start pouring in when someone ends up in separation, divorce,  loss of a job or property, or meet with an accident, or loses someone close in life.    

The sad part is even the healing and grieving process is not immune to the advices.    Other people fail to understand how much they infact cause pain and grief than healing.    Only when you know to install an invisible filter in your mind to ignore what is not needed and unnecessary comments, suggestions and free advices, you will be able to take proper unbiased decisions what is right for life

It is not that we should not listen.  We should.  We should also know to filter what will do good for us and accept them modestly and ignore what is unwanted with poise and move on.

After all, it is your life, and you are strong and confident to deal with all situations in life.  When you want, you can always ask.  

You have the right to lead the life as you want.  Stay Firm!  Stay Confident.   Implant an invisible filter in your mind.  It makes your life free from undue influences and unwanted heart aches!


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