Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 32- Every Day Inspirations - Tips to be a Good Leader

5 Thumb-rules to make a Good Leader...rather a great leader.

1. Be Receptive

The attitude of attention giving creates empathy and gives the team a sense of belonging and they feel the importance of their presence.  Listening to their opinions, ideas may actually help completing complex projects and finishing great products

2.  Be Humble.

A leader will always accept his or her weakness and will thrive his best to put forward his intelligence and experience to overcome the problems.   Facing criticism constructively and being tolerant to all situations is the most humblest character of a leader.

3.  Be comprehensible.

The basic relationship between a leader and followers or the team members depend on the things spoken and acts done.  As long as the talk and act are in the same direction, it will give the leader all due respect.

4.  Be an active agent

When there is a change happening, learn to be the crusader instead of resisting change.   Coordination and delegation of tasks makes the leader prioritize things.   Participation in the execution of the tasks provides required moral support to the team

5.  Recognize good work

Never criticize a bad worker in public.   Keep all those advices and overshadowing behind the curtains.  However, do not fail to recognize good work in front of everybody.  Genuine appreciation motivates people and interests them to make wonders.  Recogniztion of positive points will motivate other team members as well.   It will create a healthy competition.

Happy to have met Ms Ginni Rometty in Chennai today.   A classic example of wonderful leader, President, Chairman and Managing Director of IBM.  Her speech was inspiring and her way of thinking is marvelous.   Meeting such wonderful leaders, especially woman leaders is not only motivating but also strong provocation to think out of the box, towards growth, towards change and towards better technology ultimately towards a better world.

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